Space-saving solutions are on track

ESUK Jun13 p14 Hitaltech1Hitaltech has launched a range of compact enclosures, designed to save space in DIN rail mount applications

With its vertical mount design, the Railbox Compact is engineered specifically to save space on the DIN rail. This is the latest addition to Hitaltech’s Railbox range and is described as a stylish enclosure suitable for electronic applications mounted on a DIN rail as per EN 60715.

Four sizes are available, comprising: 17.5, 22.5, 35 and 45mm thickness. For added choice, models can be supplied in three standard colours: light grey, dark grey or green.

Hitaltech claims the Railbox is easily assembled as no screws are required. Various accessories are available for this enclosure, including breakable hole covers, internal adaptors for the insertion of smaller PCBs in the enclosure, as well as panels and front covers. An expansion ‘spacer’ is also available, which allows for additional PCBs to be inserted within the Railbox.

The Railbox Compact is a lower profile version of the standard Railbox product with a height of 79mm, compared to the standard Railbox height of 120mm.

Just like its counterpart, the standard Railbox, PCBs can be mounted in the base without the need for screws, as well as allowing for the use of Hitaltech’s CIF/CIM plug-in connectors with up to 34 poles at 5.08mm pitch, 17 poles per side.

The Railbox bus system is suitable for applications where the design requires multiple Railbox enclosures to be connected and allows for integration with other systems.

Low profile choice

Measuring just 32.5mm high, the Modulbox XT Compact is a low profile version of the standard DIN rail mounting Modulbox XT product.

Available from two to 12 modules and produced in UL94V-0 polycarbonate ABS blend, the Modulbox Compact kit includes the enclosure, base and DIN rail hook. It is suitable for various applications across industries such as building automation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and energy metering.

Supplied as standard with a dark grey panel, the Modulbox XT Compact can be printed and/or machined, according to specific customer requests. A range of accessories is also available including pre-holed and plug-in terminal covers, which can accommodate Hitaltech’s terminal blocks and connectors.

As well as offering a range of standard enclosures, Hitaltech offers a customisation service which includes machining and printing of the enclosure. According to Hitaltech, this service is available at a highly competitive price.

This allows purchasers to have their chosen enclosure printed to specific or custom requirements, therefore creating a finished product which better represents their own unique brand and image.