IDT Wireless Power Selected for TYLT’s VÜ, an Innovative Free-position Qi-compliant Wireless Charging Base

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) (NASDAQ: IDTI), the Analog and Digital Company delivering essential mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, today announced that its wireless power transmitter has been selected for TYLT’s award-winning “VÜ” wireless charging base. The innovative free-position wireless charger offers USB-level charging rates over a large “charging zone”, and is fully compatible with Qi-compliant phones. IDT’s solution was selected for its multi-coil support, compact size, reduced bill-of-materials (BOM), functional flexibility, programmability, and superior customer support.

The TYLT VÜ is an innovative, Qi-compliant wireless charging base that sits at an ergonomically-friendly 45-degree angle to enhance screen visibility while the phone is charging. The multi-coil IDTP9036A-based wireless charging solution enables free-positioning, allowing users to experience optimal USB-level charging rates without the need to precisely align the wireless power receiver coil. The TYLT VÜ will be offered for sale online by Verizon Wireless and TYLT.

The IDTP9036A is a high-efficiency, feature-rich wireless power transmitter certified to support the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC’s) Tx-A6 multi-coil configuration. The device’s compact size and small BOM enable charging base manufacturers to develop aesthetically pleasing designs as stand-alone units or integrate them into existing surfaces such as table tops. In addition, IDT offers industry-leading application support along with a variety of tools and collateral to aid in the development process.

“IDT provided excellent support through our design cycle and provided us with the most cost-effective overall solution,” said Kannyn MacRae, director of product management and marketing at TYLT. “The IDTP9036A enabled TYLT to develop an innovative, award-winning solution with free positioning – a feature that is lacking in most existing wireless power chargers. The TYLT VÜ allows customers to charge their phones in horizontal or vertical positions, including upside down, while charging at the same rate as a standard USB charger.”

“IDT was pleased to work with TYLT on their next-generation free-position wireless charging base,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT. “Other existing charging bases require a magnet or other mechanism to accurately position the transmitter and receiver coils for maximum power transfer, or simply charge at sub-optimal levels. Our IDTP9036A solution expands the charging zone to maximize wireless power transfer when used with a variety of phones or charging sleeves where the receiver does not utilize a magnet, or when the receiver coil may be positioned off-center within the phone. IDT’s innovative technology and world-class support are two of many reasons why we are considered the leader in wireless power solutions.”

In the Tx-A6 coil configuration, the centers of three rectangular transmitting coils are configured in an in-line array to provide a charging zone for the receiver coil that is significantly larger than that of single-coil configurations. IDT’s wireless power transmitter automatically determines the optimal power transfer based on the position of the receiver coil, offering charging rates rivaling those of wired USB connections. In addition, the IDTP9036A is capable of achieving power transfer rates up to 7.5W (50 percent higher than the current Qi standard) when coupled with IDT’s compatible wireless power receivers. Proprietary technology also offers designers the opportunity to add differentiating features to wireless chargers, providing additional safety and enhancing the user experience.