CT Production Wins Major High Volume Contract

ESUK May13 p14_15 CTProduction1Now that the cost of energy is such a large factor in running an industrial business, a great deal of investment is taking place in the area of energy monitoring technology.

CT Production is proud to announce that it has been selected as a new supplier for the volume manufacture of energy monitoring equipment for a major company in the UK. The product is to be built on a dedicated new production line that will enable high volumes to be produced. The business is worth over £1M in the second half of 2013 and looks set to continue at similar or higher rates beyond.

The stages involved in the manufacture of the product include full procurement, PCB assembly, box assembly, wiring, encapsulation and a detailed test regime. The project is the largest of many new orders won from new customers by CT Production over the last 12 months.

The company’s MD, Alan Trevarton had this to say, “We have invested a lot of money and effort over the years to ensure that we deliver excellent quality, delivery and service to our customers. Potential customers have been discovering what we can offer, through our marketing and from personal recommendations. As a result, some significant opportunities have arisen and have been realised.

Recent years have seen a lot of ‘churn’ for our industry, with many foreign buyouts of UK technology companies, which have then moved overseas, taking their manufacturing requirements with them. It is exciting that in spite of the difficult trading environment we have been able to increase our turnover and market share, and move so positively into the second half of 2013”.