MicromodulTM as Direct Connector in IDT

LUMBERG_PIC___Micromodul_as_Direct_Connector_in_IDT_302299_The producer Lumberg, Stuttgart, Germany, provides with the 302299 a connector from the Micromodul™-series for direct mating in insulation displacement technology (IDT) with 1.27 mm (.050″) pitch, which is immediately available from Microcomputer Systems Components (MSC). It is perfectly suitable for many applications in branches like automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and communications.

With two to 22 poles and pre-nickeled and tinned contact springs as well as closed sides it is offering a direct connection of flat cables with the printed circuit board – a space and cost saving solution. The optimized new generation connector ensures correct orientation and locks on the circuit board. Further options are gold-plated contact areas. Fitting flat cables as well as individual conductors with AWG 28 (cross-section 0.09 to 0.14 mm2), lockable in insulation displacement technology, applicable within a temperature range from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius and with a rated voltage of up to 50 V AC (42 V DC) the 302299 for direct mating shows its multi-purpose and comfortable implementation range for signal and low load currents up to 1.2 Ampère.