Dialog Semiconductor’s Flexible PMIC with Multicore Support Optimises Performance of Dual/Quad Processors

Dialog DA9063 chip picUK based Dialog Semiconductor’s flagship quad buck PMIC subsystem provides supply domain flexibility to support a wide range of multicore application processors, including ARM multicore devices, associated peripherals and user interface functions.

The DA9063 is an advanced high performance PMIC that provides multi-processor core power with a switched-mode DC input/USB compatible charger, full power path management and multiple sleep modes. The device delivers unprecedented power-up flexibility with exceptional energy efficiency to designs based around processors from Freescale, Marvell, Renesas (NEC) and Samsung. The DA9053 PMIC features on Freescale’s i.Mx53 multimedia reference platform (more below).

The DA9063 quad buck PMIC subsystem combines a powerful 1.8A rated dual-input DC/USB power path router with a switching battery charger and includes support for multiple external memory configurations. The device interfaces directly to a Li-ion/polymer battery pack and supports precise current/voltage charging as well as pre charge and USB modes without processor interaction. During charging the die temperature is thermally regulated enabling higher capacity batteries to be rapidly charged at currents up to 1.8A with minimum thermal impact to space-constrained PCBs.

The power efficiency and flexibility of the DA9063’s switching input stage is maintained to the generated supplies. Controlled by a programmable digital power manager the 14 user-programmable switched/linear regulators may be configured for a variety of start up sequences, levels and timings. For optimal processor energy-per-task performance dynamic voltage scaling is permissible on up to five supply domains.

According to Ismosys’ David Blissett, the DA9063 supports USB suspend mode operation and for robustness, the USB power inputs are internally protected against over-voltage conditions: “The DA9063’s autonomous power path controller seamlessly detects and manages energy flow between an AC adaptor, USB cable and battery whilst maintaining USB power specification compliance, Blissett said. “The internally-generated system power rail supports power scenarios such as instant-on with a full discharged battery. A reverse-protected backup battery charger is also integrated into the power path function”.

The DA9063 offers an energy-optimised solution suitable for portable handheld, wireless and infotainment applications. In particular it is ideally suited for powering the latest generation of demanding portable media and wireless computing applications. The device is supplied in a 169 ball VFBGA 7 x 7mm package or VFBGA 11x11mm package and is available in both consumer and automotive grades.