The complete hand held case solution

evatronThree different configurations, in thirteen sizes, designed and moulded in Spain by Retex, and all available online now from Evatron.  The modern design of these enclosures, offers a simple construction that is resistant to wear and built for functionality.  From the smallest Series 31`pocket case (55 x 40 x 18) in black or light grey, through to the Series 32 and 33 Control cases, these enclosures provide a quality solution for multiple control applications, with an optional gasket to achieve IP65 seal.  There are various options for mounting a keypad in recessed areas in the cover, base and the front and rear panels.  The popular 33 series is also available in black or standard light grey, with a choice of blue, green, red, orange, black, yellow or grey coated corners for better protection and grip.

The Evatron sales team will search for the best solution to your enclosure requirements and at the lowest cost.  If the type and dimensional size of the enclosure you require is not immediately available on our website, our experienced sales staff have well-established contacts with a wealth of suppliers to find the case you need to meet your specifications.

The Evatron Product Shop Categories include:

  • Desk Consoles
  • UL94 V-0 & IP Rated Enclosures
  • Flanged & Wall Mounted Cases
  • Alarms & Security Cases
  • Sensor Cases
  • Door Entry Enclosures
  • Communication Cases
  • Oval Enclosures
  • Hand Held Enclosures – Remote
  • Hand Held Enclosures – Other
  • Rectangular & Potting Boxes
  • Power Supply & DIN Cases
  • Aluminium Enclosures
  • DIN Rail Enclosures
  • Racks – Network & Server
  • Racks – Wall Mount & Freestanding
  • Door Enclosures
  • Low Cost ABS Enclosures
  • Accessories

The products are available in a range of materials including ABS, polycarbonate, GRP, aluminium and steel.  In addition, we offer a quality, low cost, customisation, with machining, silk screen printing, labels and EMC shielding as part of the additional service we can offer our customers.

Most enclosures will need holes and/or apertures cut to allow access to buttons/switches and many of our customers recognise the benefit in having this machining work carried out, at source, by Evatron.  Small quantities are not a problem and our experienced team ensure the work is accurate in accordance with the customers’ drawings.

In the case of silk screening, any shape or size can be printed to develop a unique and professional result. Registration of colours on awkward shapes is not a problem.  Alternatively, we can provide labels using a range of materials, technologies and techniques.  The majority of colour systems or sample swatches can be matched.

Aluminium cases and panels are available in silver or black anodised and can be punched and laser etched with company logo, etc to achieve an extremely professional finish.