Introducing the FerriSSD® series from Silicon Motion

FerriSSD-f&bArrival Electronics is pleased to introduce the FerriSSD®  series from Silicon Motion.  FerriSSD® is a fully integrated SATA/PATA Solid State Drive(SSD) in a single chip BGA package. Available in densities from 1GB to 64GB in a tiny 16x20mm BGA package, in both SLC and MLC flash along with Silicon Motion’s own unique SLC mode technology, offering SLC level performance at MLC pricing. FerriSSD® is available in both commercial (0? ~ +70? )  and industrial temperature ranges (-40? ~ +85? ) , and also in module form, with both SATA and mSATA form factor modules available

With high reliability, industry-leading performance and programmable firmware, FerriSSD® is the ultimate non-volatile storage solution this is easy to design and manufacture for today’s fast-moving consumer electronics as well as industrial level applications. The devices are easy-to-Use, the Plug & Play device only requires format/fdisk prior to use.

Have built in high-efficiency error correction, including an Advanced Hardware BCH Error Correcting Code (ECC) Engine, and advanced global wear levelling allowing for even distribution of program/erase cycles across all NAND flash chips which maximizes the SSD lifespan with low Write Amplification Index (WAI)

FerriSSD® has robust data protection features, and a customisable flash controller, allowing features such as software/hardware write protect, multiple user data security zones, software and hardware quick erase function, and supports PowerShield and DataPhoenix technologies which prevent data corruption in case of sudden power lost. In built SSD Health Monitoring allow for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) commands with the SSDLifeGuard® application for real time SSD health status monitoring and warning.

FerriSSD® is designed for a wide range of embedded applications that behaves like a SATA/PATA hard drive featuring fast access time and enhanced endurance. The combination of Silicon Motion advanced technologies enables FerriSSD® to deliver the most robust data integrity and protection in the market. FerriSSD® is available in a variety of densities for different storage needs. Typical applications include military systems where secure rugged storage is required, industrial computing applications, rugged data storage for portable/handheld devices, automotive entertainment systems, POS/MFP/HMI applications and any other application requiring reliable rugged storage.