Kite Packaging Launches the ‘Mini Air System’ To Market

Mini Air With Filler CushionsKite Packaging introduces a new air-cushion system to the UK, designed to make the packing process quicker, easier and more cost effective: the ‘Mini Air System’. The delivery system for the Kite Mini Air is the lowest cost unit currently available in the UK, selling at £599. The air pouches themselves are also priced significantly below any similar system, increasing savings for existing customers and providing an economical solution for new businesses that have not previously considered air pouches due to cost.

The concept of using pouches of air to fill voids inside boxes has been a popular concept for some time; however a focus has been given to large packing operations with largely expensive and complex delivery systems. Kite identified this market gap back in 2012 and began working towards providing these customers with a simple, cost effective air cushion system that it hopes will revolutionise the UK packaging market.

The Mini-Air System has been designed to produce air cushions, which can be used as protective packaging for void fill, block and brace, wrapping, layering and corner protection. Air cushions have many benefits; but cost savings have been the key focus for Kite and integrated in to the marketing and e-commerce roll-out of the new product. This has been achieved through a ‘Mini Air calculator’ on its website where customers can see the cost savings when switching to air cushions. This has shown a potential 84% saving on void fill material costs, as well as environmental benefits when comparing the impact of manufacturing large bags of polystyrene chips to flat air bag film, a great incentive for businesses in the current climate.

The system is incredibly easy to use and highly versatile, making it both suitable for large packaging operations and smaller set-ups as a space saving tool. Kite has enhanced usability of the product through its website, in which customers can watch 60 second clips on how to operate the machine and how to use it for various purposes. Customers can also choose from six different cushion types which can be torn off one-by-one via a perforated edge.

A spokesman from Kite enthused, “We are incredibly excited to launch the Kite Mini Air System to market, and we have rigorously tested every element of the system to ensure a positive experience for the customer. The benefits of air cushioning machines have been known for a while but price and availability have always been an issue. We think the attractive price point of the Mini-Air and uncomplicated operation process will make it a great addition to any packing operation to increase productivity and efficiency.”

The Mini Air System is quality guaranteed and testing has been carried out on both the machine and all types of film. A 12 month warranty is included from the day of purchase.