DATA MODUL becomes new KOE distributor in UK, Italy and Nordic region

data modul

DATA MODUL is now also offering the full range of KOE Lite+, Rugged+, IPS and UWVA ‘IPS Like’ LCD modules in UK, Italy and Nordic region. With this, DATA MODUL can now fill a gap in their value proposition and offer high-end and high-quality small- to medium- sized displays (3.5”- 15”) with extraordinary specifications, quality and features to their customer base. “We highly appreciate the high level of quality, the long-term availability of the products and the technological innovations coming from KOE, together with a high level of support”, highlights Walter King, COO of DATA MODUL.

Throughout the last 40 years, DATA MODUL has become Europe’s biggest independent display technology partner. The company is a specialist supplier of display technology, focusing increasingly on the development of in-house products. DATA MODUL’s continued investment into R&D throughout the years has helped to increase the growth potential while sharpening and securing the competitive edge at the same time. The “Made in Germany” mark – a synonym for quality and reliability – guarantees that these products are developed and produced in Germany. Recent developments show very clearly: DATA MODUL works solution-oriented. Thus, DATA MODUL engineers are able to help customers cope with new challenges and an increasing complexity.
Walter King, COO, DATA MODUL commented, “The growth of our successful relationship with KOE is very much a result of our continued philosophy of total solution design. DATA MODUL prides itself by providing customers with value-added product solutions. This helps customers to shorten design and development cycles and thus reduce the time to market for their products. KOE has a broad, high quality display product portfolio and we are looking forward to the challenge of taking these products to a broader European market.”