FCI Demonstrates Latest Range of High-Speed Cable Solutions for Optical Signals at ECOC 2013

fci-logoFCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, will feature its latest range of optical cable solutions designed to support high-speed signal transmissions at this year’s European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC). ECOC 2013 provides leading industry players in the optical communications sphere, such as FCI, a platform to exchange ideas and solutions to establish the next generation of network equipment.

During the event, FCI will introduce a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions, including optical interconnect, optical transceiver, optical couplers and splitters, and SAS connectors, to the optical communications community. FCI’s wide spectrum of solutions allows engineers to find the most cost-effective components for their designs. FCI also ensures that their products have the highest signal integrity and electrical performance to meet the stringent requirements in the telecom, industrial and datacom sectors.

One of FCI’s main exhibition highlights will be the On-board Optical Transceivers (OBT) demonstrations. These 12-channel OBTs are capable of transmitting signals at 25Gb/s per channel and engineers are able to configure these versatile components to suit applications with lower bandwidth requirements. Each transceiver unit is designed to minimize the amount of PCB real estate required and enable hardware engineers to create more compact apparatuses. The OBTs’ intuitive designs also account for easy application, removal and repair, which help to accelerate time-to-market and facilitate more effective system maintenance.

Another demonstration that FCI is featuring at ECOC 2013 is the Optical Backplane product family. Running at 10Gb/s per channel, these optical components enable multi- channel transmission through a backplane with up to 12 embedded optical waveguides per connector. In addition, the optical interfaces of these backplanes are equipped with molded lens developed by FCI. These proprietary lens provide accurate and reliable waveguide interfaces, allowing the optical backplanes to support high-precision network applications.

FCI will also showcase its Active Optical Cables (AOCs) at the event. These interoperable cable assemblies are staple solutions for data center installations as they provide plug & play fiber optic support for a broad range of applications, including shelf- to-shelf, cluster-to-cluster and core-to-core switches. These AOCs can also provision for aggregate bandwidths of up to 150 GB/s and optimize port density, making them ideal solutions for the newest data center equipment.

The state-of-the-art architectures of these AOCs ensure that all optical interfaces are not exposed. This eliminates the risk of contamination and safeguards the quality of link performance. These cable assemblies are designed to meet industry standards, such as SFF standards, and help engineers achieve full compliance to various signaling protocols such as InfiniBand, FibreChannel, Ethernet, SAS, SATA and PCIe standards.

“ECOC 2013 provides us with an excellent platform to integrate ourselves in the optical communications ecosystem and we are very excited to have this opportunity to understand more about the developments in this community,” says Henning Vogelsang, Vice President & General Manager of FCI Electronics Europe. “We hope that our broad range of interoperable and high-performance optical cable solutions will help engineers lay the foundation of the next-generation of networks that are faster, more agile and capable of meeting growing data demands.”

ECOC 2013 will be held in London from September 22 -26. Visitors can visit booth 128 to learn more about FCI’s extensive range of optical interconnect solutions and find out more about our applications.