Highly versatile range of 19-inch cabinets now at Luso Electronics

LusoAvailable from Luso Electronics Distribution is a range of highly versatile 19-inch cabinets that are ideal for a wide range of markets including broadcast, transportation, industrial and computer networking. The IMRAK range from APW Electronics Srl, a leading designer and manufacturer of 19-inch cabinets, includes the:

•    IMRAK 1400 highly versatile 19in enclosure systems, which include multi-application and ServerMax cabinets and can easily be configured for a range of uses in many industries, including broadcasting as well as in data communications applications;

•    IMRAK 610 multi-platform purpose-built mid-sized floor-standing enclosure, which is particularly suitable for networking applications and 19in equipment housings in office or industrial locations;

•    IMRAK 310 and 410 wall-mount cabling enclosures, which complement the larger floor-mounted IMRAK cabinets but share the same purpose to provide total all-around cable access and to protect data cables and patch cords.

Also available via Luso Electronics is APW’s seven-day design service for customised cabinets. The company can customise any cabinet included in its product range or combine it with third-party equipment, designed for thermal and energy management or access control, thus delivering customised standard products that offer high quality and in a fast time-to-market. Customised options can include special finishing and colours, mechanical variations and dedicated accessories. Additional services offered by APW include project analysis, prototype development, small or large quantity production, environmental test and product certifications and on-site installation.