Microprecision Presents Industrial Double Break Switch for IP67/68

MP200smallMicroprecision is introducing a variation of its industrial high current switches of the MP200 series. The new MP220 has a single pole double break electrical circuit, which allows to double break two independent electrical circuits up to 10A/250VAC. The MP220 uses a fast snap action mechanism to change from break to make position. The switch in its standard version is currently IP67 sealed, an improved sealing for IP68 applications with a strengthened cable exit is also available.

The switch comes in a standard micro switch size housing with a large range of possible actuators and a 4-wire potted cable in PVC, PUR or SI. The switch is under EN61058 certified for 250VAC / 10A with an operating temperature range of -40°C / 130°C. UL certification under the new UL61058 norm is planned for the 2nd half of 2013.

High precision, small differential travel and long mechanical life are typical for the MP200 series and, in general, for the industrial switch products manufactured by Microprecision. Custom switch modifications and custom actuators can be requested for small quantities.

Microprecision Electronics SA is a manufacturer of industrial microswitches and LED indicator lights with manufacturing in Switzerland and the USA.