Clamp cuts installation time

ES Nov13 Pg06 to 10 News FarnellFarnell element14 is to have global online distributor exclusivity of Hylec-APL’s new K9 Clamp, for an initial three month launch period.

Designed to cut electrical installation times by up to 80 per cent, the K9 clamp will be of interest to contractors and could replace traditional methods of connection. The clamp uses insulation displacement technology (IDT) to eliminate stripping, twisting and physically connecting wires. It is available in an ‘I type’ model for end to end connections and ‘T type’ model for spurred connections.

IDT is already used extensively in telecommunications and computing. Recent developments enabling use of multiple stranded wire conductors have created time-saving opportunities for installers in the domestic/commercial, industrial, marine and automotive sectors as well as panel building and low voltage industrial applications.

Sales director at Hylec-APL, Alex D’Arcy, said: “Farnell’s reputation for innovative new products and quick delivery fits well for the launch of the K9 Clamp, with its inventive approach to wiring possibilities and labour saving opportunities.”