On target for high performance, low-power

ES Dec13 Pg05 Mouser1Mouser Electronics is now stocking Intel Atom 22nm 64-bit multi-core processors with USB 3.0 and graphics support, targeting high-performance low-power applications from smartphones to intelligent embedded systems.

The new system on chip (SoC) processors are manufactured using Intel’s Tri-Gate CMOS technology. This claims to bring significant performance increases and improved energy efficiency while delivering performance?per?watt efficiency. Compared to current-generation Intel Atom processors, these new SoCs provide improvements of about three times the peak central processing unit (CPU) performance while using the same power draw, or the same CPU performance while using about five times less power.

The performance-per-watt improvements in this new generation of multi-core Atom processors will enhance performance and responsiveness for hungry battery-powered applications including tablets, smartphones and other low-power mobile devices.

Future variants will target entry?level laptops and desktop computers in innovative form factors, as well as providing superior energy efficiency and performance?per?watt for microservers, storage servers, entry- to mid?range routers, switches and security appliances.