Distribution Agreement with Cmedia


Arrival Electronics is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Cmedia. Cmedia is the worldwide leader in providing USB audio peripheral products such as USB headsets, handsets, microphones, speakers, and sound stations. With the convenience of USB plug-and-play compatibility, customers can rapidly create ease-of-use, high-quality, and portable USB audio products based on Cmedia’s highly integrated single chip solutions.

To easily differentiate your products and add more value, we also provide the optional Cmedia Xear™ Windows drivers, which support a complete range of premium features including Dolby and DTS sound technologies. Empowered with mixed-signal audio codec, signal processing expertise, software development experience, and widespread quality branding recognition, Cmedia supplies versatile choices of USB1.1 (USB2.0 full-speed compatible) audio solutions to compliment whichever type of device you want to design.

A key product for example is the Cmedia CM6631A, the CM6331A is a USB2.0 true high-speed audio processor that can suppo

rt the latest USB Audio Device Class Definition V2.0 and high-definition audio processing capability up to 192KHz/32bit. CM6631A provides the industrial standard I2S and HDA audio interface and also integrates 192KHz/24bit S/PDIF transmitter/receiver and MIDI I/O device. It’s suitable for versatile, high-profile, typical 2-channel I/O audio applications. Furthermore, the CM6631A has an embedded 8051 microprocessor that can enhance the best flexibility and functionality with external upgradeable F/W codes. CM6631A would be the most high-fidelity and powerful audio core for high-value USB2.0 audio products.

Key application areas include, Audio/Voice Signal Processors, PCI/PCI Express Sound Card, USB Headsets, USB Microphones, USB Speakers and USB Sound / Docking stations.

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