Industry’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC converters, available from RS Components, address power and space constraints in diverse applications

ESUK ESE ICs RS ADI.ovADI’s most compact range of isolated DC-to-DC converter ICs and evaluation boards are now available to RS customers globally.

RS Components (RS) is stocking the industry’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC converters from Analog Devices (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications and a pioneer in digital isolator technology.

The ADuM5010, ADuM6010, ADuM521x and ADuM621x use ADI’s proprietary isoPower® isolated DC-to-DC converter technology to deliver 150 mW of output power while using less board space than competing module-based solutions. The ADuM521x and ADuM621x also integrate two channels of ADI’s award winning iCoupler® data isolation technology to reduce board space by up to 75 percent compared to optocoupler-based alternatives. The converters provide designers with a compact, easy-to-implement, cost-effective approach to meeting both isolated power and data requirements. The combination of size and output power also addresses the growing space and power constraints engineers must consider when designing control systems, test and measurement equipment, power supplies, motor drives, and other industrial and instrumentation applications.

All of the new DC-to-DC converters provide regulated, isolated power, adjustable between 3.15 V and 5.25 V. The ADuM5010 and ADuM521x are certified for 2.5-kV rms (1-minute) isolation, while the ADuM6010 and ADuM621x are certified for 3.75-kV rms (1-minute) isolation with further certification for reinforced insulation per VDE 0884-10. By incorporating ADI’s iCoupler digital isolator technology, the ADuM521x and ADuM621x reduce component count and simplify and improve design speed, reliability, and efficiency by eliminating the need for optocouplers.

All of these ADI isolated DC-to-DC converters are available to purchase direct from RS stock for same-day despatch. The ADUM5xxx evaluation boards (EVAL-ADUM5010EBZ and EVAL-ADUM5211EBZ) are also available from RS.