Reversible DC Motor Driver from Diodes Incorporated Beats Space Constraints

ESNA IC Diodes Inc.ovDiodes Incorporated has introduced a single-chip IC for driving single-coil reversible DC fans and motors.  A highly integrated device, in a choice of SO8 and thermally enhanced SO8 exposed pad packages, the ZXBM5210 reduces component counts and circuit footprints in medium voltage, low power applications in consumer, domestic appliance, industrial and office equipment.

The driver’s integrated high performance H-bridge output stage can deliver currents as high as 700mA continuous, 1.2A peak and has been designed to meet stringent low noise requirements by minimizing both audible switching noise and electromagnetic interference.  Its generous supply range of 3V to 18V means the device will support a wide variety of single phase 5V, 9V, 12V and 15V DC motors.

Typical operating current is low, at 0.85mA and to help improve motor driving power efficiency, the standby mode of the ZXBM5210 consumes a typical current of only 32µA.

Achieving highly linear speed control, the ZXBM5210 has four modes of operation: forward, reverse, brake and standby, selected via the device’s FWD and REV input pins.  Motor speed is regulated by modifying the duty ratio of PWM signals applied to the two inputs or by adjusting the DC input voltage to the VREF input pin.  The PWM oscillator is integrated within the device and no external timing capacitor is required.

To prevent damage to either the motor coil or driver IC, the ZXMB5210 incorporates under voltage lockout, over voltage, over current and thermal shutdown protection functions.  Product reliability and robustness is further enhanced by the devices’ high ESD withstand capability of 6kV and wide operating temperature range of -40ºC to +105ºC.

The ZXBM5210 reversible DC motor driver is available from Diodes for $0.33USD each in SO8 packaging and for $0.35USD each in SO8-EP packaging, 1,000 piece quantities.