Brand new Kitpackers website for the European market

ESE ESUK Enclosures EllsworthKitpackers Ltd, an Ellsworth Adhesives company, has just announced the launch of its brand new European website.

Kitpackers specialises in custom packaging for resins such as adhesives, sealants, coatings, primers and a host of other industrial chemicals. The service provided by Kitpackers is an integral part of Ellsworth Adhesives Europe and Managing Director, John Henderson feels that it is now time to promote Kitpackers as a separate entity, through the introduction of the new website

Henderson explains, “The creation of the new website will expose Kitpackers to a broader audience and presents Kitpackers with an exclusive platform to showcase the full range of its capabilities.”

The scope of Kitpackers capabilities is certainly wide, with its extensive selection of packaging systems; from dual and single component cartridges, to bi-pac foil sachets and syringes. Kitpackers not only supplies the widest variety of packaging options, it also provides a number of expert services that will extend the shelf life of products and cut down on unnecessary waste – services include the supply of pre-mixed and frozen resins and vacuum and centrifugal degassing.

The new website details the full range of Kitpackers products and services and is now live.