Resettable Fuse from Diodes Incorporated Enhances System Reliability

ESNA Power Diodes Inc.ovFor hot plug consumer and industrial products, including external disks, printers and servers, the NIS5132 resettable electronic fuse from Diodes Incorporated helps raise power system reliability, by protecting against shutdown and catastrophic failures.  By allowing a product to restart, the device enables a reduction in unnecessary field returns.

Operating over a wide input voltage range from 9V to 18V, and provided in the small, low-profile DFN3030-10 package, the 3.6A rated NIS5132 integrates a low on-resistance NMOS buffer and an internal current limit.  With the buffer’s typical RDS(ON) of only 30m? and with no need for an external sense resistor in the load path, the device minimizes voltage drop and power loss.

To fully safeguard downstream power components from damage or premature aging, the fuse’s protection features include under-voltage lockout, turn-on ramp control, current-limit and thermal shutdown circuits.  The thermal shutdown can be either latching type (NIS5132MN1) or auto-retry type (NIS5132MN2).

The NIS5132 resettable fuse from Diodes Incorporated is priced at $0.54USD each in 10k quantities.