Ametherm signs with Dexter

ametherm_thermistorsAmetherm has announced a distribution agreement with Dexter Magnetic Technologies, under which Dexter is now carrying and providing technical support for Ametherm’s most popular inrush current limiting thermistors.

Dexter supplies magnetic solutions, including magnetic cores and accessories, to a wide range of markets, from industrial to aerospace. With the goal of providing the power industry with custom solutions, the company has been carrying the SURGE-GARD line of inrush current limiter products, which has recently been acquired by Ametherm. By adding Ametherm’s own NTC thermistors to its lineup, Dexter is significantly broadening the applications the company can address.

Made in the USA, Ametherm’s RoHS-compliant current limiting power thermistors are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA International). The devices are optimized for a wide variety of applications, including AC motors, power supplies, motor drives, audio amplifiers and battery chargers.