Pre-qualified batteries speed medical design

LES Jan14 Pg50 to 62 What's New AccutronicsBattery specialist, Accutronics, has launched a new range of pre-qualified and pre-tested batteries for applications such as medical equipment and industrial electronics. Customisable VR420 batteries are manufactured by Accutronics in the UK and meet relevant safety, performance and transportation standards.

These 14.4V batteries utilise the latest lithium ion technology, said to deliver high volumetric and gravimetric energy density so that equipment runs for longer yet weighs less.

Furthermore, the VR420 includes a system management bus (SMBus), smart battery system (SBS) that allows the battery to communicate data between itself, a smart host and a smart charger. The host equipment is then able to request dynamic information from the battery such as runtime to empty, cycle count and discharge current. This allows the end-device to better manage its own power, which can increase runtime and reduce the number of premature shutdowns. A five bar LED display on the battery case also allows the user to determine the state of charge in 20 per cent increments.

Approved to IEC62133 and UL2054, the VR420 is can be designed in with minimal time and cost. It is suitable for rugged work environments and features a black flame retardant plastic housing which includes a polarised rail feature down either side.

Technical marketing manager at Accutronics, Neil Oliver, said: “The combination of lithium ion cells, smart battery electronics and enclosure design mean that the VR420 can be used to power a range of professional products in both industrial and medical markets.”