High Technology Lighting saves SSE energy

HTL SSE Oct 2013-12High Technology Lighting, supplier of energy-efficient lighting solutions for retail and commercial spaces, has provided a range of LED fittings to energy company SSE to help the company reduce its energy usage and carbon emissions, as well as improving the overall look of the lighting and lowering the company’s lighting maintenance costs.

A bespoke direct and indirect LED lighting solution was developed for use in SSE’s Cumbernauld call centre in Scotland. The new system includes energy saving measures such as integrated programmable daylight sensors, movement controls. It also incorporates integral emergency lighting.

Cameron McDougall, consulting engineer for SSE commented, “As an energy provider, SSE has a commitment to reducing energy usage across the UK and is constantly looking at ways to do this. They not only provide advice to their customers about how they can reduce energy usage but SSE is constantly on the look out to see how as a company they can do the same.  Replacing the lighting in the Cumbernauld call centre is a great example of SSE’s philosophy.”

Since the installation, SSE has seen significantly improved lighting levels from the almost maintenance-free solution, as well as an impressive 76% energy saving compared to the lighting system replaced.

Thomas Holgeth, joint managing director at High Technology Lighting, commented, “The installation at SSE’s Cumbernauld call centre is a great example of how upgrading to LEDs and adding controls can save large amounts of energy. We are very pleased that SSE is happy with the installation.”

Due to the success of the lighting in the Cumbernauld call centre, High Technology Lighting is currently looking at upgrading the lighting in SSE’s new wind turbine factory.