Luminaires steal the show

LES Jan14 Pg50 to 62 What's New LED EnginLED Engin has combined its LZ4-Plus emitters with Gaggione eight to 45deg zoom optics said to produce excellent candela/lumen performance, beam quality and control. Together, they enable luminaire manufactures to design smaller, lighter and more powerful products.

Designed for wash lamps and follow spots, the LZ4-Plus four-die RGBW emitters can be driven to 1.5A per die. Matched to the Gaggione lenses, they are said to create entertainment luminaires that deliver bright, smooth, flat, progressive beams with soft yet clearly defined edges over the full colour spectrum.

When driving each die to 1.5A, LED Engin claims reliability and operating life are not compromised thanks to its multi-layer, thermally efficient substrate, which dissipates heat effectively.

Precise colour control is achieved by individually addressing each die, in conjunction with in-source colour mixing. LZ4 emitters, capped with flat glass primary lenses, can be used with secondary optics, including zoom lenses and imaging optics. The die are mounted close together to create a small light source, which is designed to maximise in-source mixing to produce uniform colour across the beam and enables narrow beam angles to be created.