More flexibility for providers of access control solutions

02_largeElatec RFID Systems, a specialist in developing RFID reader and write systems and RFID transponders, will present at Embedded World from 25 to 27 February 2014. Elatec is set to showcase modules from the TWN3 and TWN4 families at Booth 4-470j in the Nuremberg exhibition centre. These modules are unique because they cover all of the common RFID standards in one device. The TWN4 modules also support NFC (near field communication). Migrating from stock systems from one to another RFID standard is considerably simplified with multi-standard readers. The RFID specialist will also showcase further exhibits aimed at migration scenarios such as adapter boards, over which state-of-the-art reading devices can be connected to existing cabling, thus avoiding time-consuming cabling work in customer buildings.

Elatec will present a wall reader with an Ethernet interface at Embedded World 2014 – the first product from a new range of adapter boards for the TWN4 multi-frequency/multi-standard reader. Further boards with Wiegand, clock/data, RS422/485 and CAN interfaces are set to follow in the coming months. The adapter boards help system providers and integrators in cases where users had been using older or manufacturer-specific interfaces for access control and installations are to be based on their cabling in a cost-effective manner.

TWN4: Unmatched versatility and featuring NFC

Visitors to the trade fair can examine the latest generation of Elatec multi-standard reader modules as well as a new starter kit. The ‘TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit’ offers hardware and software for developing multi-standard solutions and serves to identify transponders of unknown standards.

With the innovative concepts of its multi-standard reader, Elatec has enjoyed many years of success in a steadily growing customer base consisting of system providers and integrators. Manufacturers of access control solutions can take advantage of these concepts to satisfy customer requirements to implement special transponders without any additional development effort. The new TWN4 increases the flexibility of solutions based on it, making it particularly attractive and future-proof from the point of view of customers and providers. This way, the reader module combines traditional and current RFID standards including NFC on one PCB, making it well-equipped for the majority of all imaginable applications and migration projects.

Multi-standard and multi-frequency

The TWN4 connects 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies and is available in two versions, the TWN4 MIFARE® NFC and the TWN4 LEGIC NFC. System providers are already prepared for international distribution when it comes to using the TWN4 proprietary solutions and reader devices. Elatec has obtained all of the approvals required for sale and installation in the most important export countries outside the EU.