GTK release new Cable Assembly Brochure

GTK Cable Assembly Brochure.ovGTK announced the release of its new Cable Assembly brochure. This 8 page brochure provides a complete overview of the different products and technologies GTK offers customers with an emphasis on custom solutions.

Chas Shale, Business Manager for Assembled Cables at GTK, said, “Over 95% of our customers require some level of customisation for their products: this can range from incorporating their logo and company colours into a cable assembly through to completely custom designs.”

Tom Hennessey, Business Manager for Moulded Cable Assemblies at GTK, added, “With local and Far East manufacturing locations and three different build models designed to meet different business needs, our cable assembly service is tailored to meet our customers’ requirements. This new brochure provides an insight into the many different options available to them.”

The new brochure is available in hard copy or can be downloaded directly from the GTK website.