Sager takes bar-coding lead

Sager Electronics has adopted the Electronic Components Industry Association’s (ECIA) two-dimensional (2-D) bar coding guideline. 2-D bar coding embeds a wealth of product-related information within a square image and only requires one scan to retrieve the data as compared to the traditional 1-D barcodes. Sager says that it is the first authorized distributor to fully transition to the 2-D bar coding system on its outbound shipping labels.

Barney Martin, vice president of industry practices for ECIA said, “We are pleased that Sager Electronics has embraced the ECIA’s newest specification, fully integrating the 2-D bar coding system into its warehouse operations. Through early adoption by Sager and other ECIA members, we are confident the new specification will greatly benefit all participants in the supply chain – suppliers, manufacturer representatives, distributors and most importantly, customers.”