FCI Completes PwrBlade+™ Joint-Qualifications

PwrBlade+FCI, a leading supplier of connectors and interconnect systems, is proud to announce the PwrBlade+™ power connector has completed its long-term reliability tests when cross-mated with the TE Connectivity Multi-Beam XLE connector series. All tests were performed by Contech Research, a leading independent reliability test lab.

PwrBlade+™ is a modular AC/DC power distribution connector designed for demanding PCB and cable mounted applications. The PwrBlade+™ connector builds on the PwrBlade® connector’s proven technology, with enhancements to achieve improved current rating performance and reduced power loss. It is rated up to 75A per power contact, without exceeding a 30°C temperature rise in still air. This product features a high power contact and housing design that allows higher current carrying capability in a more compact package. The connector features low power contacts as well as signals for lower power application and monitoring/control circuits.

The mass configurable tooling design, pioneered by FCI, ensures the connector is able toaccommodate variable designs of different customers’ product applications. The connectorfeatures a highly ventilated housing design to enhance heat dissipation. These are crucialfeatures in server and data storage applications, to help avert overheating issues, thus increasing the reliability of the equipment.

The PwrBlade+™ power connector offers superior electrical performance and overall power density. By designing to a common set of strict material and dimensional specifications, the FCI PwrBlade+™ and TE Multi-Beam XLE connectors provide customers with the added satisfaction of a pre-certified second source, mutually qualified to a common test specification. The products support applications where customers are looking for higher efficiencies, lower power loss, and improved reliability compared to alternative designs.

These products were developed specifically to meet reliability and performance requirements of the telecommunications, datacom, networking, server, storage, network switch, and power supply industries.