logoCamdenBoss, provider of innovative electromechanical components and enclosures, has added a series of switches, keypads and access control products featuring piezoelectric technology to its product range.
Piezoelectric technology converts a small pressure exerted on a piezoelectric element into a pulse of current that, by means of embedded circuitry, changes the state of a switch from off to momentarily on, for example. With no moving parts, piezo switches have a long operating life of 50 million operations and are highly resistant to environmental factors (IP68 sealed) as well as being robust and resistant to vandalism. 
The new CamdenBoss piezo switch range comprises one non-illuminated and two illuminated types. The non-illuminated switches have an 18mm diameter actuator and are available in natural, red and green anodised aluminium. The two illuminated 28mm diameter actuator switches provide point illumination with red/green LED feedback. For optimal colour-coded feedback a pair of white plastic switches fitted with internal LEDs offer red, green and blue LED illumination.
Applications for piezo switches include access control, public transport and ticket machines, process control equipment, lifts and hoists, water management, prisons and secure hospitals, food and farm machinery, military equipment, vending machines and public information terminals.
CamdenBoss? keypads offer high reliability and durability for tough environments. Available in 3 x 4 and 4 x 4 formats they also contain no moving parts, are sealed to IP68 and have a lifespan of 50 million operations. In addition to the above applications of piezo switches, the keypads have applications particularly in access control, appealing to installers and integrators of security products.
CamdenBoss additionally offers four new dedicated access control products. A stainless steel exit switch with red/green illumination offers a robust solution for high traffic areas. A HID proximity reader is housed in a single rugged aluminium enclosure. A stand alone door entry controller contains all the circuitry to programme and operate a single-door access point. Finally an illuminated combined HID proximity reader and 2 x 6 keypad offers access by either means of entry.
The piezo switches, keypads and access control products are now available from stock.