Comparators from Diodes Incorporated Boost Performance

DI0755-LMV331Diodes Incorporated has introduced enhanced versions of the popular LMV331 and LMV393 single- and dual-channel comparators for use in battery-powered portable devices such as mobile phones and notebook PCs.  These general-purpose devices run at a lower voltage, draw less current and offer smaller package options than most industry-standard alternatives.

Operating over a low voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V and at a typical supply current at 5V of only 40µA for the LMV331 and 70µA for the LMV393, the comparators are cost effective drop-in replacements which help reduce overall system power consumption.  Their extended operating temperature range, from -40ºC to +125ºC, also ensures compatibility with industrial system designs.

The LMV393 dual-channel comparator is provided in the industry-standard SO-8 and MSOP-8 packages, while the single-channel LMV331 is offered in the space-saving 5-pin SOT353 and SOT25 formats, helping to shrink circuit size in portable products.

To maximize flexibility, the comparators’ input common-mode voltage range includes ground and extends from -0.1V to +2V.  Output type is open-collector.

The LMV331 single-channel and LMV393 dual-channel comparators from Diode Incorporated are priced respectively at $55 USD and $72 USD each in 1k quantities, and are supplied in 2,500 and 3,000 piece reels.