Hitaltech add vertical DIN Rail enclosures for Raspberry Pi

Railbox vertical DIN enclosure for Raspberry PiHitaltech are pleased to introduce the latest addition to Italtronic’s range of DIN rail mounting enclosures for embedded applications, The Railbox RPI.

The Railbox RPI Range

The Railbox RPI is a vertical DIN Rail mounting enclosure available in two standard widths of 22.5mm (available now via CPC) and 45mm (available June). The enclosure can be supplied in three standard colours; light grey, dark grey (black) and green.

This electronic enclosure allows for the popular Raspberry Pi to be mounted onto a DIN Rail making it an ideal solution for industrial applications.

The Railbox enclosure is easily assembled as no screws are required. The supplied kit includes; the base and cover, DIN rail hook & spring as well as the accessories to allow for the Raspberry Pi to be securely housed within the enclosure.

As the enclosure is mounted vertically on the DIN Rail it is an ideal solution for applications where space on the DIN Rail is at a premium and is well suited to the industrial control, energy metering and signal conditioning markets.

The 22.5mm Railbox RPI enclosure is available to purchase from CPC (Part No. EN83856).

Hitaltech aim to offer a product which meets customer specific requirements and In order to do this cost effective machining and/or printing of Italtronic’s range of electronic enclosures is available.

This service therefore removes the need for customers to outsource their printing/machining requirements, thereby saving time.

With MOQs starting at 100 pieces the customised product can be supplied under one final part number simplifying the logistics process.

To discuss the options available for a customised enclosure, please contact Hitaltech directly by visiting the website, or calling the technical sales office on 01253 899910.

 The Modulbox RPI

As well as the Railbox RPI, Hitaltech previously introduced the DIN Rail mounting Modulbox RPI.

Produced in UL94V-0 self extinguishing material the electronic enclosure is supplied with a transparent top panel, body enclosure and base as well as the DIN rail hook. Like the Railbox RPI this enclosure is ideal for applications that require the Raspberry Pi minicomputer to be mounted onto a DIN Rail.

The Modulbox 4M RPI also offers a wall mounting option for the Raspberry Pi as incorporated into the base of the enclosure is a wall mounting function.

Further information on both the Railbox RPI and Modulbox RPI enclosures can be found by visiting