Teledyne Coax Switches Announces Low PIM COAX SERIES CCP-47D

CCP-47D-bluePassive Intermodulation (PIM) is critical in today’s market where multiple frequencies are transmitted simultaneously in wireless communications and higher data rates.

Teledyne Coax Switches introduces its new Series CCP-47D Low PIM Coax Switch. The CCP-47D is a broadband TRANSFER, electromechanical coaxial switch designed to switch microwave signals similar to a DPDT switch. The CCP-47D comes standard with 7/16th DIN Connectors designed to achieve IP3 levels of -165dBc with two carrier signals at +43dBm.

The CCP-47 Series is ideal for switching High RF Power or High Sensitive Signals. Teledyne’s Low PIM CCP-47 Series ensures the most linear response with excellent galvanically matched contact system. The CCP-47 Series can handle up to 200W CW @ 3GHz and has superior RF performance such as Isolation of 70dB min @ 3GHz. Teledyne’s TRANSFER design offers the most reliable, and insertion loss repeatable switches.
The CCP-47D measures 3.50 x 3.50 x 3.66 inches and has a maximum weight of 6oz (170.1g).