X-REL Semiconductor extends XTR2N0x MOSFET transistors family

 XREL0011A_Fig2_XTR2N0325_LRESX-REL Semiconductor, the specialist in high-reliability and extreme-temperature integrated circuits, has broadened its XTR2N family of high-temperature MOSFET transistors by introducing two new mid-power P-channel and two small-signal P- and N-channel transistors. Intended for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended lifetime applications such as power conversion, power management, level translation and sensor interfaces, the new devices provide excellent switching and linear characteristics, as well as very low leakage current.

The mid-power P-channel transistors introduced are divided into two families depending upon the maximum operating voltage. Devices XTR2N0325 and XTR2N0350 are intended for a maximum operation drain-source voltage of -30V, whereas XTR2N0525 and XTR2N0550 can sustain drain-source voltages of up to -50V. In each sub-family, two different transistor sizes, “25” and “50”, are available providing two possible maximum drain currents.

The small signal transistors released are the XTR2N0307 30V P-channel MOSFET, and the XTR2N0807 80V N-channel MOSFET. The XTR2N0307 small signal 30V P-channel has an on-state resistance at 230°C of 7?, whereas that of the XTR2N0807 small signal 80V N-channel is 9.1?, with respective continuous drain currents of 350mA (900mA peak) and 200mA (450mA peak).

As with all other X-REL Semiconductor products, parts from the XTR2N transistors family are able to reliably operate well below and above the -60°C to +230°C (5 years at +230°C) temperature range. Being operational at high temperatures is mandatory not only in applications where the environment is at elevated temperature, but also where self-heating of a power device makes the temperature increase inside the application casing. Additionally, all X-REL Semiconductor products can be used in applications running at lower temperatures (e.g. from 100°C to 200°C) where extended lifetime is expected or where failing is not an option. For example, the expected lifetime of X-REL Semiconductor parts in a driver application operating at Tj=150°C is over 35 years.

The XTR2N devices are already available and can be immediately deployed on niche as well as on large-scale markets in high-reliability compact hermetic or plastic packages, as well as tested bare dies.