PULS does it again: more affordable and more powerful

Untitled1The new generation of MiniLine DIN-Rail-Power Supplies from PULS costs up to 30% less than its predecessor while offering even more power without any compromise on quality.

These single-phase units are designed with 5V, 12V or 24V output and are available in the power range from 15W to 120W. Full output power is available up to an ambient temperature of +60°C. The units are supplied in a robust and easy to fit plastic housing with extra-large screw terminals for safe and easy connection.

The particularly compact design, requiring only 22.5mm width for 15W and 30W units, 45mm for 60W and the completely new 72.5mm for 120W, saves a significant amount of space in the control cabinet. The robust electrical, mechanical and thermal design delivers high reliability even in conditions as extreme as +60°C, -40°C or under severe mains network disturbances.