Make Light of Würth Electronics’ SMD White Top View LEDs Now at Mouser

HiRes_WurthSMDWhiteTopLEDsMouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the SMD White Top View LEDs from Würth Electronics. Designed for low-power consumption and high brightness, these Top View LEDs provide fast switching speeds and wide viewing angles. These LEDs are available in various color temperatures and provide a compact footprint that is ideal for a variety of lighting applications.

The Würth Electronics SMD White Top View LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, feature a Color Rendering Index as high as 80 CRI, and a color temperature range between 2,700K and 6,000K. Standard operating temperature is -40°C to +80°C. All LEDs within the family emit no infrared radiation with a viewing angle of 120 degrees and a typical forward voltage of 3.2V.

The SMD White Top View LEDs from Würth Electronics are offered in two series. The Wurth WL?SWTP PLCC LED series are optimized for low power consumption and a wide viewing angle. These LEDs feature a thermal resistance (?js) of 38°C/W, and an LED junction temperature of 130°C. Maximum current draw is 1A, with efficiency between 78 lm/W to 102 lm/W. Lighting applications suited for the WL-SWTP series include design lighting; indicator lights and backlighting for wireless mobile, consumer and industrial applications; flat backlight displays; LED backlighting and SMD types of indicator lights; LED modules; and indoor/outdoor or general lighting.

In contrast, the Wurth WL-SWTC LED series provides high brightness with minimal side emissions. A Waterclear silicone lens protects the LED module while improving light output. These LEDs offer flexible coupling with a secondary optic. The LEDs feature a ?js of only 8°C/W, and a high LED junction temperature of 150°C. Maximum current draw is between 40mA to 300mA, with efficiency between 94 lm/W to as high as 125 lm/W. Lighting applications well-suited for the WL-SWTC series include spotlights or down lights for indoor use; outdoor lighting for street lights and security; industrial lighting; consumer lighting; agricultural equipment lighting; and signal and symbol luminaries.

Both series of SMD White Top View LEDs, now available from Mouser Electronics, come in tape and reel packaging, and the individual LEDs are offered in a surface mount, PLCC or compact ceramic package.