IDT’s Latest Wireless Power Receiver Brings Faster Charging Through Higher Efficiency

NPA-106_LRESIntegrated Device Technology, Inc. has introduced a new wireless power receiver that delivers faster charging in an ultra-compact form factor.  The P9027 magnetic induction receiver offers 80 percent peak system level efficiency and improved overall thermal performance. The high-efficiency architecture enables higher power transfer rates, translating into shorter charge times for portable devices such as smart phones and phablets.

Supporting the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard, the P9027 is an 8 Watt receiver featuring an ultra compact solution size —approximately 37 square millimeters— and requiring six fewer capacitors than competitive products. The result is less board space and a lower bill of materials cost.

The device’s proprietary alignment guide optimizes inductive coupling with the transmitter to maximize coil-to-coil power efficiency. The 3 V to 7 V adjustable output voltage range is capable of driving a variety of downstream power management ICs, while proprietary foreign object detection (FOD) ensures safe operation in the presence of metal objects.

“As the technology inside our portable devices evolves, IDT continues to develop products to enhance the user experience while keeping product manufacturing costs low,” said Arman Naghavi, IDT’s vice president of Analog Power Technology. “The P9027’s thermal performance and size—teamed with its ability to lower BOM cost—make it ideal for the next generation of smart phones.”