New Photocoupler Maintains Same Current Transfer Ratio Across Wide Input Current And Temperature Range

6691A_LRESToshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its photocoupler range with the addition of the TLP383 photocoupler that guarantees the same CTR (Current Transfer Ratio) across an input current range from 0.2mA to 8mA [50-600% at IF =0.2mA/8mA, VCE=5V] and across the temperature range of 25°C to 100°C.

Ideally suited for use in programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), AC adapter and I/O interface boards, the TLP383 features a faster switching speed than standard phototransistor couplers. It also boasts a turn-off time (tOFF) of just 30?s (at IF=1.6mA, VCC=5V, RL=4.7k?).

Housed in a low-height SO6L package the TLP383 has a height of just 2.3mm (max). Like its smaller family members, the TLP183 and TLP293, the TLP383 incorporates Toshiba’s original high output infrared LEDs. It offers an isolation voltage of 5kVrms (min) with creepage and clearance distances of 8mm (min). It will find application in situations where there are strict height limits and will aid the development of ultra low profile products. Typical applications will include the motherboards of inverter interfaces and general-purpose power supplies.

Operating temperature range is -55 to +125°C. It is approved to UL, cUL, VDE and CQC safety standards.