Powerstar HV MAX exceeds new EU regulations

Powerstar 2Whilst the 2021 European Eco Design Specifications that come into force on July 1st 2015 will have an impact on many products, one solution that has exceeded the new regulations since first being manufactured over three years ago is the Powerstar HV MAX.

The new regulations require that all HV/MV transformers in the EU are manufactured to the minimum specifications set out and must achieve the required efficiencies.

The HV/MV amorphous core, super low-loss transformer used in the Powerstar HV MAX not only, already, meets the new specifications, but greatly exceeds them and will continue to do so.

Powerstar HV MAX is a super low-loss amorphous core HV transformer combined with the award winning Powerstar Voltage optimisation technology. The product allows companies to save on electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.

As the solution exceeds the 2021 Eco Design Specifications, the transformer used as part of the Powerstar HV MAX is much more efficient and provides greater levels of savings over a standard transformer’s lifespan – delivering higher levels of return on investment.

Not to be confused with a standard super-low loss amorphous core HV transformer, as the solutions are not comparable, the Powerstar HV MAX is a combined solution that offers users, not only the recognised benefits of a highly efficient super low-loss transformer but additional savings, efficiencies and energy reduction benefits afforded from electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation and a stabilised voltage output.

Powerstar creator and managing director Dr Alex Mardapittas said, “Since being launched in 2012, the Powerstar HV MAX has always been manufactured to the highest specification levels, which in turn means it has always exceeded the 2021 Eco Design Specifications.”

Dr Mardapittas added, “Older transformers have high levels of standing losses and the majority of modern transformers used on commercial sites use Cold Rolled Grain Oriented steel within their core, which result in significant losses for buildings in comparison to amorphous steel.”

“Companies looking to install amorphous core transformers to replace these older transformers should not look at Powerstar HV MAX in direct comparison with other low-loss transformers. Powerstar HV MAX offers benefits and efficiencies above and beyond these systems and as a result clients are afforded greater financial savings”

By utilising the electronic-dynamic technology of Powerstar’s MAX systems, Powerstar HV MAX ensures voltage is supplied to a site at a constant level regardless of the input instability. This guarantees that when the grid voltage varies the HV MAX is able to hold the site voltage at the optimum level and maintain a higher level of savings.

In addition to reducing standing losses and energy consumption, Powerstar HV MAX–which is wholly designed and manufactured in the UK–boasts a number of additional benefits including simple installation and a typical payback period of less than 5 years. The product has also been designed to be over 98% recyclable.