New at TTI, FCI Griplet® connectors for miniature IDC Wire-to-Board connections

TTI - FCI Griplet[1]The new Griplet® connector from FCI is now available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialized distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components.  Griplet provides a robust solution for miniature IDC Wire-to-Board connections and has a low profile and compact design for easy installation where space is tight.  It is designed for a stackable pitch up to twelve positions, with common housings available to protect and secure terminated components.  Griplet is very flexible, with one part number accommodating multiple wire gauges.  Highly reliable and stable operation is assured even in conditions of shock, extreme temperature and vibration, thanks to four points of wire contact and strain relief features.  Griplet suits multiple applications, including harsh environments, automotive and industrial, as well as instrumentation, smart meters, thermostats, automation controls, LED lighting, sensors and white goods.

Griplet is only 3.7mm high and has a footprint of 4.0mm x 6.1mm, allowing discrete insulated wire components to be attached directly to the PCB where space is tight.  Individual contacts can be located anywhere on the PCB, bringing power and signals onto the board, and in addition, Griplet enables PCBs to be daisy chained.   As it accommodates multiple wire sizes between 20-32 AWG, Griplet connectors reduce total applied cost when compared to solder or crimp processes.  Parts can be supplied in bags, on reel/continuous strip or stitched on pitch within a disposable pick and place carrier, so Griplet connectors suit manual or automated application with customizable pitch.