IEC 60335-1 appliances Components with elevated glow-wire ratings

SCHURTER_OGNThe IEC 60335-1 standard in its 4th edition ensures even better fire protection in unattended electrical household appliances. To achieve this goal, the demands placed on glow-wire resistance of the plastics used for insulating or mounting live components have been increased. Household appliances may catch fire due to power surges (glowing components), defective components, faulty electrical connections, arcing switching contacts, etcetera. As a leading producer of fuse holders and power sockets, SCHURTER manufacturers a large number of products made of plastic materials with high glow-wire ratings.

SCHURTER‘s shock-safe FPG series fuseholders fulfil the high requirements for several applications

The seven fusholder variants FPG1…7 are available in a variety of designs, mounting methods, terminal types, and fulfil various safety standards of overcurrent protection in devices. The series is ideal for applications in devices with limited space and high requirements ac-cording to electrics and mechanics. These includes for example industrial electronics or household and medical appliances.

OGN-SMD as an optimal fuse-holder type for fully automated manufacturing processes

With the OGN-SMD series SCHURTER delivers a very com-pact, open SMD fuseholder with a high rated power acceptance of 4 watt. Thanks to its design and the option of blister tape packaging the OGN-SMD fits ideal for fully auto-mated manufacturing processes. Furthermore, SCHURTER provides a wide range of with 5×20 mm glass fuses and optional as well with covers preassembled OGN-SMD fuseholders.

A large number of appliance in-lets made of plastic materials are manufactured with high glow-wire ratings

These appliance inlets are suited for applications according to IEC/EN 60950 and fulfil the enhanced glow-wire test requirements for equipment according to IEC 60335-1. They provide excellent features in power supplies, IT equipment, medical electrical equipment, lighting systems as well as test and measurement systems.