Molex Introduces NeoPress High-Speed Mezzanine System

MX006412 - Speed_MezzanineMolex, LLC introduces the NeoPress™ High-Speed Mezzanine System a complete and flexible press-fit/compliant-pin mezzanine solution that allows board rework whenever required.

“The modular system — with tunable differential pairs, low stack heights, and compliant-pin terminations with a staggered interface configuration — offers data rates up to 28 Gbps,” said Nadine Dytko-Madsen, new product development manager, Molex. “That makes it ideal for new, space-constrained telecom, automation and medical applications that demand higher speeds and smaller form factors.” A mirrored interface allows compact stack height and simplified PCB routing.

“PCBs sometimes need to be reused or reworked,” Dytko-Madsen added. “Traditional SMT connectors are permanently affixed, making it virtually impossible to reuse PCBs, and when an SMT termination fails, attempting to rework it creates a short. An alternative, press-fit mezzanine connectors, would allow reuse, but they typically offer lower signal integrity.”

The NeoPress System solves these issues by providing compliant-pin termination while minimising near-end and far-end crosstalk, matching the signal integrity of NeoScale™ SMT connectors. Moreover, the compliant pin allows designers to rework the board and maximise system utility without sacrificing signal integrity.

A patent-pending modular triad wafer design includes high-speed differential pairs that can be tuned to 85-to-100-Ohm impedances, creating a flexible, customisable system. System options include four triad configurations, high-speed single-ended traces and low-speed single-ended lines and power contacts. These options allow PCB designers to conserve PCB real estate by supporting low- and high-speed signals and power requirements with one compact connector.

The system is ideal for high-density telecommunications and networking devices, such as hubs, servers, NAS towers and rack-mount servers. It can also be used in industrial automation and medical applications.