Toshiba Launches High-Voltage MOSFET Family for Efficient, High-Speed Switching

6831A_P19999SF_HRESToshiba Electronics Europe has announced a new range of ultra-efficient, high-speed, high-voltage MOSFETs for switching voltage regulator designs. Available with 800V and 900V ratings, the four N-channel devices have typical on resistance (RDS(ON)) ratings down to just 1.9Ω. Target applications are flyback converters in LED lighting, supplementary power supplies and other circuits requiring current switching below 5A.

The new enhancement mode MOSFETs are based on Toshiba’s π-MOS VIII (Pi-MOS-8) eighth generation planar semiconductor process, which combines high levels of cell integration with optimized cell design. This technology supports reduced gate charge and capacitance without losing the benefits of low RDS(ON).

These MOSFETs represent low-current supplements to Toshiba’s existing DTMOS IV line-up of 800V super junction DTMOS4 devices. The 2.5A TK3A90E and 4.5A TK5A90E feature VDSS ratings of 900V and have respective typical RDS(ON) ratings of 3.7Ω and 2.5Ω. Both the 4.0A TK4A80E and 5.0A TK5A80E devices offer VDSS ratings of 800V with respective typical RDS(ON) ratings of 2.8Ω and 1.9Ω.

Toshiba’s new MOSFETs offer an ultra-low maximum leakage current of only 10μA (VDS = 60V) and a gate threshold voltage range of 2.5V to 4.0V (when VDS is 10V and drain current is 0.4mA). All of the devices are supplied in a standard TO-220SIS form factor.