Fire protection junction boxes come with range of pre-fit ceramic terminal blocks


Spelsberg has enhanced its popular WKE range of fire protection cable junction and connection boxes with the introduction of the WKE Duo. The WKE Duo features a new design that can be supplied with different sized terminal blocks and allows different core section cables up to 16mm to be terminated in the same box.

WKE Duo cable junction boxes are available in five sizes from 100mm x 100mm x 50mm to 256mm x 171mm x 106mm and can accommodate cable diameters up to 16mm. These cable and junction boxes are supplied fully pre-assembled and with all accessories fitted. Environmental protection is to IP54/IP65 standards. The ceramic terminals are also available in a range of different sizes, offering durability in conditions of extreme heat.

Features of the new enclosures include external mounting brackets for quick installation and options for mounting the enclosure on the cable tray.

WKE Duo junction boxes have been designed to ensure functional integrity in the event of a major fire, protecting safety circuits which must remain operational for sufficient time during a fire. Functional integrity to the highest standard is required in applications such as power plants, hotels, hospital, airports and shopping malls where it is vital that safety systems including alarms, sprinklers, emergency lighting and ventilation continue to operate.

The Duo boxes are certified in accordance with EN60670, with electrical function integrity E30 to E90 according to EIN 4012 Part 12 for guaranteed protection for 30-90 minutes. In addition they offer insulation integrity FE180 according to IEC 60331-11 for 180 minutes against electrical shock under fire conditions.

The WKE Duo design also ensures a functional life of 120 minutes at a temperature of 400degC, rated according to EN12101-3.

The Duo boxes are manufactured from a special duroplastic which is halogen free so that they do not create noxious fumes. The terminals are made from a ceramic that can withstand very high temperatures.