Slow economy prompts aftermarket focus

esna-nov_dec16-p12-lansdale1bThis year Lansdale Semiconductor celebrates its 51st year, which has been better than predicted, says president of Lansdale, R. Dale Lillard.

Lillard explained: “Commercial market sales for our products have held up as customers are not redesigning in today’s ‘slow is normal’ economy.


In a ‘slow is normal’ economy OEMs don’t redesign, they look to maintain existing equipment, which is good news for aftermarket semiconductor manufacturer, Lansdale

“Similarly, military product sales have continued to do well with the Department of Defense looking to maintain older equipment as new replacement costs have soared. Adding to this, the military is also becoming more cautious about purchasing counterfeit components. It is choosing to purchase product from legitimate contracted semiconductor aftermarket suppliers, such as Lansdale and its sales channels, instead of sourcing from internet brokers. This purchasing policy change will continue to help our business.

“Ultimately, we predict 2017 sales will be flat, in line with 2016, since customers do not predict a change in demand. We expect similar lead times and good product availability.”