Conrad adds the feature packed Tektronix TBS2000 basic oscilloscope to its range of test & measurement equipment

crd303_tektronix_tbs2000_lrConrad Business Supplies has added the new TBS2000 series of basic oscilloscopes from Tektronix to its broad and diverse test equipment offering. The new scope family, heralded as the ‘next generation’ basic oscilloscope by Tektronix, combines the longest record length with the largest display in its class. The TBS2000 is targeted at advanced basic oscilloscope users in design engineering and electronic engineering teaching environments. Versions are available with either 70MHz or 100MHz bandwidth and with two or four channels.

The 9-inch Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) display with 15 horizontal (time) divisions allows 50% more signal viewing to speed test procedures, while the up to 20 million point record length means that even very long duration signals can be captured and analysed. The TBS2000 is the only basic level oscilloscope with the TekVPI® Probe Interface for optimum application coverage with a wide range of active voltage and current probes.

The up to one giga samples / second (GS/s) sampling rate TBS2000 has been optimised with today’s typically more complex signals such as pulse width modulation (PWM) in mind. Its ease of use has been further enhanced with on-waveform cursor readouts and 32 automatic measurements. The new series has been designed to allow effective teaching and learning with built-in help, Courseware hands-on labs, and the TekSmartLab management system.

Connectivity includes a USB 2.0 host port on the front panel for quick-and-easy data storage, a further USB 2.0 device port on the rear and an LXI compliant 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port for remote control over LAN.

Harald Lehner, Product Manager at Conrad Business Supplies, said: The TBS2000 sets new standards for basic oscilloscopes and its features will make the task of those carrying out design engineering work, and those learning to use oscilloscopes, easier. We are delighted to add this exciting and innovative test instrument to our range from Tektronix.”

Commenting on the new oscilloscopes, Jeff Yost, Director, Basic Oscilloscopes, Tektronix said: The all new TBS2000 series give users a level of design insight previously not available in this class of instruments by raising the standard for usability with features like a large display for easy signal visualization, 20 million point record length and a comprehensive set of automatic waveform measurements.”