Flexible sleeving solutions measure up

ElizabethDemand for safety-critical cable solutions continues to promote growth. Specialist distributor, Lantek, has a solution up its sleeve.

Despite a dip in general demand for cable assembly solutions, certain areas remain strong, according to Lantek; most notably the automotive, telecommunication and industrial sectors. In North America, demand for vehicles has gradually risen and this, coupled with the adoption of the internet of things and self-drive technology, has ensured that requests for cable assemblies in these safety-critical areas have remained relatively high.

Given the technology advances and the harsh environments products are expected to work in, the quality of cabling solutions and the cabling characteristics are of critical importance. Whatever the application, in these sectors, it is important to partner with a distributor that understands the significant role that cabling plays.

Lantek’s Elizabeth Marrero explained: “It is important to find a distributor that has immediate access to a range of cables and accessories. Due to the varying nature of assemblies and the different demands placed on them, the right partner will not only provide an immediate solution, but help guide purchasers towards the right product for the application.

“There are many ways to protect wires and cables, but in our experience, braided sleeving products represent the best option, due to the sheer variety of industry-specific options that are available.”

Durable and affordable
As an authorized distributor of Techflex products, Lantek has access to an expansive line card of cable assembly solutions and, crucially, boasts the knowledge to provide expert advice regarding product suitability. It has worked with both original and contract electronics manufacturers to provide cabling and braided sleeve solutions for a variety of different projects. These cable management products provide durability and affordability it says.

Marrero continued: “At the moment, we are receiving a lot of enquiries from the automotive sector. Due to the adoption of emerging technologies, the importance of suitable, protective cabling has never been greater. If, for example, the sleeving is unfit for purpose or becomes damaged, then sensors, navigation systems and safety-critical devices can be compromised.

“We are able to provide a range of solutions thanks to the variety of specialist sleeving we can access. From durable wrapping to protect hydraulic pistons, through to heat-resistant sleeving to shield crucial components from the high temperatures of engine manifolds, Lantek can help.”