Two-In-One CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes Provide Superior Noise Suppression

Designed to suppress noise from switch mode power supplies and other sources, the new versatile CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes from Triad Magnetics feature superior performance, reliability and economy in an innovative dual function open-frame design that fits easily into a wide variety of devices and systems.

The advanced CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes feature an economical dual-function design, which effectively combines the features of two separate components into one: They provide both exceptional common-mode noise suppression and their stray inductance is highly effective in suppressing differential mode noise.

In many applications designers are forced to use two separate magnetic components to guard against both types of noise.  A choke was necessary for common mode noise suppression and a separate inductor was needed to filter out differential mode noise.  This more complicated approach required installing two components and occupies additional board space, which adds to production costs and can pose reliability issues.

The two-in-one CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes solve both problems.  They are ideal for suppressing both types of noise in a wide range of applications that includes switch mode power supplies, LED lighting, electronics ballast and other devices.  They are compact in size and come in either a horizontal package (where height clearance is a concern) or a vertical package that requires minimal board space.

With 21 different models to choose from, the CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes are available with a rated current ranging from 0.45 to 2.3 A, with a rated inductance ranging from 10 to 100 mH and a stray inductance ranging from 200 to 2100 mH. The specified resistance is from 188 to 2930 mOhms, depending on the model chosen.  Their rated voltage is 300 Vac.

The CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes feature precision wirewound coil bobbins.  Their open-frame design is available in a four-pin horizontal package or two-pin vertical package.  The horizontal package sizes range from 13.5 (h) – x – 15.0 (w) – x – 24.5 (l) mm to 14.0 (h) – x- 24.8 (w) – x- 29.0 (l).  The vertical package size is 27.0 (h) – x – 15. 5 (w) – x – 29.0 (l) mm.  Creepage and clearance is >3mm.

Designed for general purpose applications, the CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes operate over a temperature range of (-40 to 105°C).  They are also RoHS compliant to the 2011/65/EU standard, which is intended to prevent lead contamination of the environment.

Depending on the specific model, the new CMF Series Dual Mode Chokes are priced from $0.91 each in minimum quantities of 1,000 units with delivery from stock to 12 weeks lead time.  They are available off-the-shelf from Triad’s extensive distributor network. Triad’s design engineers also can work with customers to create custom chokes, inductors and power supply solutions to fit their specific application needs.