From Germany’s no.1 battery charger supplier comes the NEW ANSMANN IPC 30, offering many benefits to our customer.  Using our own designed software we offer a single charger that once programmed can charge Lithium, NiMH or Lead Acid battery chemistries.  We have a large range of standard programs to suit most needs, ensuring fast deliveries to you.

We can also program a charger to suit a particular charging regime, changing the safety timer, end voltage, pre-charge time, etc.  So whether you require a standard 1-4 cell Lithium charger, a 1-10 cell NiMH charger, 6/12V Lead Acid charger or something bespoke to meet your needs this is the charger for you.

Perhaps you need a charger that can be used in different countries – ANSMANN’s interchangeable mains plug system means that you can request a single or multiple country adapters to suit your requirements.  There is even a desktop IEC 320/C8p (figure of 8) adapter.

The flexibility of this charge doesn’t stop there, either.  There are a range of output plugs to suit most applications and they can be reversed to enable a different polarity.

This lightweight charger is “switch-mode” allowing it to be used worldwide without any modifications (100-240V).  The charger is CE marked and approvals are pending for USA and Australia.