VCC Introduces LSM0603 Series

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized leader in illuminated components announces its LSM0603 Series. The LSM0603 surface-mount (SMD) LEDs provide the smallest footprint available — 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.55 mm.

OEMs can choose from SMD chip LEDs in red, white, green, blue and yellow, making the LSM0603 Series ideal for applications ranging from wearable devices and medical equipment to automotive and navigation systems.

With a rectangular, flat top lens and viewing angle of 110°-120°, the LSM0603 Series is a cost-efficient solution for low-power and compact electronic design for status indication.
The LSM0603 Series delivers exceptional illumination, even at only 2-3 Volts due to light coupling by its inter reflector and the use of advanced AlGaInp and GaInP LED technology.

“We’re excited to offer such a small and versatile solution for our clients — one that has endless possibilities for portable electronics and other consumer and industrial applications. The LSM0603 Series combines low-profile chip LED in a standard industry footprint with the latest AIGaInP and GaInP technology to provide bright, reliable output in a tiny chip LED.”

To deliver efficiencies in production, the LSM0603 Series can be automatically be produced with tape and reel assembly, such as automated PC board assembly and space-sensitive applications.
The innovative LSM0603 Series will be available through VCC’s distribution channels in July 2018. To learn more, download the LSM0603 Series flyer or visit the VCC website.
LSM0603 Quick Tips:
Low profile and smallest surface mount LEDs SMD 0603 package (1608 metric) : 1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.55mm footprint
Cost-efficient solution for low-power and compact electronic equipment designs
Available in a range of colors: red, white, green, blue and yellow making it ideal for status indication
AIGaInP and GaInP technology, low profile and small footprint opens up the opportunity for new electronic device designs.
Ideal for indication application due to its rectangle flat top lens , wide viewing angle and optimized light coupling by inter reflector.
Compatible with automatic placement equipment and available in automation-friendly tape and reel
Ideal for special configurations for automated PC board assembly and space-sensitive applications
For more information on LSM0603 Series please click here.