Isocom Agrees Exclusive Distribution In Spain

High reliability component distributor, Donalba, has been named an authorised distributor for Isocom Limited. Donalba will distribute the company’s high reliability opto-electronic and micro-electronic components, including its optocouplers, developed to address harsh environments for use in space and defence specifications.

President and chief executive officer of Isocom, Thomas Bayat, said: “Adding Donalba strengthens our line-up of some of the industry’s top distributors providing our customers with the components they require and enabling the advancement of our sales force within Spain and Portugal. We’re confident Donalba’s knowledge of space and aerospace technology will contribute to the expansion into new and existing markets”.

Isocom opto-electronics target space, aerospace and defence industries


Isocom specialise in the design, development, manufacture, testing and supply of LED optoelectronic components to the Space, Aerospace, Defence, Military, Industrial, Medical and Communication sectors worldwide.

The company has over 30 years’ experience in the military design, manufacture and supply of high reliability ceramic optocouplers to the defence and aerospace sectors and they aim to continue a high-level investment in R&D, manufacture, testing and training to give the global marketplace high quality innovative products.

Isocom is the only specialist manufacturer of optocouplers in Europe and the world’s only manufacturer of the innovative IECQ-CECC BS9400 high reliability ceramic optocoupler. For more information, please visit ISOCOM’s website at: