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Electronics Sourcing asked ECIA to introduce its newly rebranded inventory aggregation site,

Q. Our readers will be familiar with Can you share the strategy behind the rebrand to

The site’s primary value is listing genuine components from authorized sources. communicates this key differentiator more clearly compared with the old brand which promoted that participation was restricted to ECIA member distributors. Requiring ECIA membership to participate on the site limited our success in driving greater adoption, especially outside the Americas.

ECIA membership criteria is very strict, making it difficult to vet companies in other regions. To create a better user experience, and support manufacturer members, the ECIA Distributor Council decided that allowing non-members to display authorized inventory would increase participation, thus expanding the distributor network from which users can buy components.

Q. Are there any functional changes?

While the site will have a new name, new logo and fresh look, functionality remains the same. Users who bookmarked the site will automatically be redirected to Accounts and tools will continue to work seamlessly. No action is required by users. We continually invest in new features and tools to enable users to locate components they need more efficiently.

Q. Will be 100 per cent authorised distribution focused? only displays price and availability data for genuine components from authorized distributors. We continue our extensive efforts to verify this is so. Although ECIA membership is no longer required (neither is the need to be 100 per cent authorized for all the products a distributor sells) a manufacturer’s proof of authorization will be needed before any products can be displayed. Since is funded by, and dedicated to, supporting the authorized distribution channel, only inventory from franchised distributors will be shown.

Q. How do distributors include their inventories?

Distributors can participate in one of three ways. First, they can apply for ECIA membership and, if approved, they become eligible to display all their authorized products. Secondly, they can forgo ECIA membership, but are restricted to showing the ECIA member manufacturers’ products for which they are authorized. Lastly, a manufacturer member that uses our Distributor Stock Search (DSS) widget or API to enable searches for their products on their site, can request that an authorized distributor, who is not a participant, be added to the system for inclusion in search results on that manufacturer’s site.

All participating distributors are required to upload their inventory files via FTP. Files are in a specific CSV format and most distributors update daily. Files are automatically loaded into the system when received, any time of day. Some larger distributors also send information in real-time via an API, in which case their files are used as a back-up in case of performance issues with the API. Each search result lets the user know the age of the information.

Q. What message would you like to say to electronics purchasing professionals who have not yet tried

Sourcing components through the authorized channel is the greatest safeguard against unknowingly introducing counterfeit products into your supply chain and ensures that the products you buy are fully warrantied by the manufacturer. is the only inventory aggregation site that only displays price and availability information from authorized sources, so you can search for components you need with confidence. With over 24 million unique part numbers in the system, from more than 4,000 manufacturers, you can fulfill your requirements through the authorized distributors on We also offer local language and true local currency in various regions to enhance your search experience.

Unlike other sites and services, use of, the BOM management tools and stock/price alerts is always free. Access to the API allows integration into your quote tool or ERP system to make your sourcing process more efficient. So, the next time you need electronic components I would encourage you to start your search on It is fast, easy, accurate and always authorized.